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Christmas gift ideas | Personalised wine for Xmas

Wine gift ideas

It is that time of the year when we start to plan how to make the celebration for our loved ones even more memorable. It is the busiest time in our wine cellar too, designing, creating and packing unique wines. We are super excited to see how creative our beloved customers are. They inspired me to create and share a list of Christmas gift ideas for wine. Either your loved ones are wine lovers or simply love unique experiences, you may find some inspiration on how to surprise them. Here is my list of ideas:

Christmas gift ideas for creating a case of personalised wine for your family’s dinner

Family branded wine bottles for christmas

Surprise your family by creating a ‘family’ branded wine for your Christmas table. We are sure that this wine will become a conversation starter. Wine bonds people and unique wine does that even better 🙂 . When travelling across Europe and meeting winemaker families we are always inspired by how they live.  Their traditions gather everyone in the family around wine. Thus wine becomes the reason that celebrates the fruits of their mutual efforts. We want to bring this feel of collaboration and strong relationship to your family’s dinner table too.

If you order wine for your family make sure you order a few extra bottles to age. From what we have seen so far, families are always keen to keep a few bottles and age them for the upcoming family gatherings. 🙂

If you decide that you want to order wine to age check out our Termeao Passaro. This wine is a unique gem in our wine cellar. It is ready to enjoy now and you can also choose to age it for up to five years more. It will only get better. Not only does this wine score very high on the lists of professional wine judges, but also in the hearts of all our customers.

Create personalised wine & save time [6 presents in one case]

Gift ideas for Christmas. Personalised Wines

We think that everyone agrees, pre-Christmas period is tough & time consuming. However, we learned from our most productive customers how to optimise Christmas gift creation. Most of the cases that we currently send out from our wine cellar in Lisbon contain 6 different bottles with 6 different labels. Each wine is a gift for a different person. So smart & effective, yet maintaining the uniqueness. You can create and order different personalised wines by using our online wine label builder. We will take care of the rest. Please make sure you place the order before the 1st of December and we will deliver to UK before the 20th of December.  We normally deliver to UK within 10 working days from when the order is placed but all delivery services slow down during the Christmas period.

To create your very own wine, please select wine from our wine cellar, then create a label using our design templates or upload your own designs and order.

Christmas gift ideas for creating a personalised wine tasting case

We could probably claim that this is a gift for a real wine lover or wine adventurer :). If you know someone like this, we are sure they would be happy to receive a case which represents the authentic & innovative taste of Portugal. While running My Uniq Wines we only collaborate with ‘boutique’ smaller scale winemakers who make their wines harder to obtain as they never reach mainstream shelves. When ordering a case you can mix & match wines (and even labels) and compose your own tasting collections. When creating your tasting case we always recommend to select various wines. For example, take at least one white, several reds, port wine & sparkling wine that was prepared using a classical champagne method. Check out our wine cellar to see our full selection.

Create a personalised sparkling wine to start the new year of 2018!

Wine lovers say that no new year should kick start without at least one good bottle of sparkling wine. We trust that it is true :). Every year at 00:00 we wish ourselves and loved ones for the best we can possibly think of. We believe that all the best toasts & resolutions, that may require discipline and effort next year should be said loudly with a memorable sparkling wine.  Our sparkling wines which were crafted by Campolargo have been prepared using classical champagne method. We can’t call it champagne but it is as interesting and refined as its brother in Champagne region. To add to this, you can make it your very own, by creating a label that is unique to you.

To finalise I would like to share one of my recent articles on gift ideas for corporate clients & partners. If you are business looking for unique Christmas gift ideas check out our post. 

Make the preparation for Christmas fun!

Best wishes,

Ruta (one of the wine-loving co-founders of My Uniq Wines)

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