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Corporate gift ideas | Create personalised wine for your business partners

Corporate gift – Personalised Wine

September is the so-called back to school month in Europe. The same applies to many businesses that tend to experience a slightly quieter time during the summer. Being back to work means that businesses will be creating new projects, growing teams, looking for new clients. There will be many occasions for people to look for business gifts. We ourselves have worked in many different companies and know how lovely and important corporate gifts can be. Not only do they brighten up someone’s day, show that results are appreciated by management, but also act as a strong bonding link between business partners. So here are a few corporate gift ideas to inspire you.

Thank your team for results with personalised wine

Usually the team is the most important driver for a business. To motivate them further it is necessary to acknowledge good work and achievements. If your team is planning to end the project successfully and you are planning a celebration why not order a case of personalised wine? You can also create different ‘thank you bottles’ for each of the team members. They can age the wine and remember their achievements for even longer. Explore our corporate label collection in our label gallery and get inspired.

Say thank you to your clients & partners

Personalised wine can also be a nice gift for your clients and partners. A personalised wine is something that will make your gift stand out. Your creativity will definitely be valued and long remembered.

First of all, If you are a big fan of quality sparkling wine, we recommend you to take a look at our Pinot Noir Brut from Bairrada. It is an amazing sparkling wine which was made using the classical champagne method. The only reason it cannot be called champagne is that it comes from Portugal instead of Champagne region in France. Secondly, If you know that your client or partner is a red wine geek he will definitely appreciate Termeao Passaro Branco. It is wine that was crafted by the talented Carlos Campolargo, a famous innovative winemaker in Bairrada DOC. This wine is ready to drink now, but you can also age it. This wine will only improve with time. Thirdly, a bottle of port is definitely something that people love and appreciate both for its complex taste and also the vivid history of the drink itself.

Happy birthday gift that won’t be forgotten any time soon

Corporate birthday gift – Personalsied wine

If your clients or a colleague are having a birthday soon why not surprise them with a case of personalised wine. If you are celebrating the birthday in the office you can choose to serve this special wine. In addition you can leave a few bottles as a nice present  to age for the birthday person.

We know that many bigger companies plan their birthday gifts a month in advance. If you are practicing the same process you can create several cases in advance and order them all at once. This way you can save time during the upcoming months. At My Uniq Wines every single wine case can have different wine bottles. Also each bottle can have a different label.

Sponsor a charity ball with your company’s branded wine

Sponsor charity ball with personalised wine

In the UK it is particularly popular for companies to become corporate sponsors for a charity ball. They can contribute in many different ways. One of them is usually sponsoring the bar and wine that is served during the ball. If the company organising the ball has not offered this option, you can always ask to have a personalised wine with your company’s logo. This way you will become a truly visible sponsor. We collaborate with different event planners and are happy to work with them on your behalf.

Christmas foodie basket with wine

Personalised Wine corporate gift

Everyone loves delicious gifts. We live in a foodie culture therefore it is hard to find a person who would not love a little bit of nice delicatessen. As you are creating the delicatessen basket you can not produce the bread or cheese. However you can definitely have your very own branded wine and you can do it in minutes. With our simple to use online tool on our website, you can choose from many design templates or upload your own designs.

Choose wine from our carefully selected wine collection. Whether it is an amazing sparkling wine to mark a special celebration, a full bodied red wine that goes well with meats and cheese, or a delicate wine for white wine lovers – you are sure to find it there. Explore our wine cellar

We have a team of professional designers working in house and we can help you create a completely bespoke label for your events. If you can not choose anything from the gallery please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your needs. Send us an email, share your ideas and let us create something great together.

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