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How do I choose wine for the wedding?

My Uniq Wines tips for choosing wine for a wedding party

Our friends often ask us how many bottles and which wines we recommend  for a wedding. There are as many different answers to this question as there are couples getting married in UK each year.

In this blog post I will try to guide you through a simple 4 step checklist that may help you decide what wines to buy.

Step one: Calculate how many bottles you need.

We recommend using this simple rule:

Number of guest / by 2 = bottles of wine

For example: if you are inviting 80 people to your wedding you will need 40 bottles of wine.

Based on this calculation each guest will have around two (175ml) glasses of wine.

In addition we recommend that you always round this number up to a case just to make sure you have a few wine bottles in reserve.

My Uniq Wines wedding wine calculator

Step two: what kind of wine should I buy?

This is up to you, because you know your guests better than we do, however, we suggest that you consider a few things:

If you are serving meat as your main course you may consider ordering more red. White and rose wines are a better match for vegetarian and fish dishes.

If you are organizing your wedding in the summer, you may consider buying more of the white and/or rose wines because these wines are very refreshing when chilled properly.

How to choose wine for the wedding

Step three: do I need sparkling wine for toasts?

First of all it is up to you to decide 🙂 We know that almost every wedding starts with bubbly ‘aperitif’ / toast drink. A bottle of sparkling wine can usually serve 7 guests.

You can go with champagne or choose a different alternative. At MyUniqWines shop you can choose sparkling wine from Portugal, produced using classical champagne method. Go for the pink one if you are a big sparkling wine lover 😉  there are no words that can aptly describe it! Check this wine out in cellar collection.

Step four: calculate the budget.

Once you know how many bottles you need you can calculate the cost. In this example, 40 bottles of wine can cost you as little as 600 GBP if you order wine up to 15 GBP per bottle. Does this suit your budget? Or you may want to explore more premium wines that range between 16  and 25 GBP per bottle.

Wine for Toasts is something worth investing in as it is usually the first taste of wine you have as a newly married couple. You may be looking at investing in the region of 20 to 27 GBP per bottle on these. You can make a positive impression on you as a couple and on your guests too.

Finally, once you are done with the maths calculations and have selected the wines, the fun part arrives. At MyUniqWines we have an arrangement with our winemakers enabling our friends and customers to add labels to their selected wines. Explore how you can personalise your wedding wine and we will print your designs and personalise your wine free of charge.

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Finally if you have any questions or would like us to help you with your wine selection just send us a message and we will be glad to assist you:

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