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Italian wedding planner in London | Meet Giulia Incorpora

Giulia Incorpora Italian wedding Planner in London

We have recently got to know Giulia Incorpora with whom we collaborate on a day’s ‘Definining Your Forever’ workshop for brides-to-be. Since founding Studio Incorpora Wedding & Creative Event Giulia has been working with weddings. She is helping couples to organise their dream wedding in Italy and UK. Not only are we big fans of Italy as a destination for the best food and weddings in Europe, but are also big fans of Giulia’s very personal approach to wedding planning. Super excited to share some information on how she can help you with wedding and where to start. You might also want know what to consider when planning wedding abroad.  

Tell us more about your business?

Based in London, Studio Incorpora is an Italian wedding and event planning boutique which specialises in destination weddings in Italy but is also available in the UK and internationally. Our studio is covering a variety of services that go from the venue search to the full event planning. Passion for beauty, a firm business background and a wealth of Italian traditions and heritage fuel Studio Incorpora. The Studio also offers workshops on the planning basics for brides-to-be and a service of calligraphy for event stationery.

Giulia Incorpora Italian wedding planner in London

How is Studio Incorpora different from other planners?

Our USP “It’s all about meaningful choices” I think says it all. We work only on a selected number of events per year, treating each of them as though it were the only one. Every wedding and event is a project with a life and soul of its own. We believe that what really sets a wedding apart is not finding the prettiest or most unusual arrangements on the market, but rather making meaningful choices for the couple., It concerns every single detail. This is why we love to know our clients’ stories. We endeavour to incorporate these into the woodwork of the event, representing their personality throughout. For Studio Incorpora this is the true definition of ‘unique’.

What inspired you to start your business?

I think it’s been rather a process. With a background in business management, my first job was in corporate coaching, then I moved to marketing, and then advertising. So I’ve always worked at delivering complex projects, where the creative vision was key and the client peculiarities highly influential. Then after my own wedding I realised I had finally found the job that perfectly merges the organisational + creative souls of mine. Plus it gives me the possibly to experience very different kinds of weddings, when normally you have to choose just one ☺.

What are 3 tips for brides & grooms to be to think about before starting to plan their wedding:

  1. start with a clear idea of your budget, and on the flexibility you have on it
  2. be realistic on your requirements (Pinterest references are mainly shootings!)
  3. live the planning as a couple project, not just the bride’s – you could consider it as the first project of your married life!

You are specialising in wedding abroad. What would be your advice for a couple who wants to celebrate their most special abroad?

Have a planner! It’s much more manageable (paperwork, language, supplier search, etc.) – and also it can be way more authentic!

What do you like most about your job?

It might sound like a cliché, but what I like the most is seeing the couple enjoying their Big Day, immersed in the environment they wished for. Every effort is paid off – because you know that ultimately that the memory will be with them forever!

Do you work with a team?

Yes. Today I work from London with assistants on the event days plus I have a business partner based in Bologna, Italy. I consider part of my team some key suppliers I often work with, especially on the creative side, as I liaise with them throughout the planning and they give a tangible plus to the planning with their specific skills.

Which geographical areas do you cover?

In UK I mainly do London, while in Italy I cover the whole country. Lake Como and Tuscany are always the most required from the UK couples though!

Giulia Incorpora and Italian wedding planner in London

Who would you ideal client be?

My ideal client is a busy couple that has no time to plan their wedding but that is interested in putting a special personal touch in it – so I can work with them in order to make their likes and peculiarities at the center of any choices.

Finally, we know (correct us if not) that you are married too? Tell us more about your wedding? If you did yourself or with the help of other planner?

Nobody would believe it, but I got married here in London and it was a winter wedding! Our guests were coming mainly from abroad, we did it without a planner and in just 4 months – it was fun!

If you need to get in touch with Giulia here are some best ways to reach her:

Call: +447787854603


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