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Personalised wine ideas for weddings

Create and order personalised wine online

We haven’t met a couple yet who would say that they want a standard or very general wedding. In the opposite way, it is hard to find a couple who would not mention adjectives like ‘unique’ or ‘personal’ when discussing their wedding vision. In our upcoming blog posts we will be writing about the current and upcoming wedding trends that inspire couples to organise very unique weddings. However, in this article we want to solely focus on wine and how personalised wine for weddings create memorable moments.

People’s search for uniqueness was one of the main insights that inspired us to create My Uniq Wines. We aim to help our customers to create as many happy and memorable moments as they possibly can. One of the ways is by creating and enjoying a personal wine.

So, let’s start and explore some ideas of how you make your wedding day even more memorable with personalised wine.

Create personalised wine in seconds online using trendy design templates

Create personalised wine online using trendy design templates

Our team of professional designers did some serious research to find out the current wedding trends. These trends around the world inspired us to create many trendy wine label design templates. Explore our label gallery to discover the entire wedding collection. Here you can choose from very classical styles to very minimal and modern. Our online wine customisation tool allows you to personalise your template in seconds. You can simply add yours & your partner’s name, dates or any other additional messages. That’s all. You can now place your order and we will take care of the rest.

Create personalised wine that matches your wedding style

Create personalised wine labels oline

We met many couples who had their own personal wedding designer to create wedding stationery and their wedding style. They told us that they want wine to have labels that match the entire wedding style. So we built our wine customiser with this in mind. If you do not want to use any of the templates you can simply upload your own designs and we will print them for you. If you are asking your wedding designer to create wine labels for your wine they can go to our customiser. They will find exact required labels sizes there.

Create personalised wine as your friends’ wedding gift

Create and order online. Personalised wedding wine gift.

Wine gifts for weddings are the best, not only because wine can age but because it also brings memorable moments of the wedding back to life when you enjoy it during your anniversary. Stay creative when creating a uniq case of wine for your friends. You can choose different wine labels for each wine. Also, you can choose one style but customise the text slightly different. It gives the couple a hint at the occasion for when this wine should be opened. One of our recent clients created a case of 6 bottles that each had a different picture from the couple’s life before the wedding. It was super nice to see how the wine case suddenly becomes a story in itself. At the same time every bottle turns into conversation starter.

Wine is just one the very memorable gift ideas. We created a much longer inspiration list for wedding gifts that leave a long lasting memory. You can get inspired here

Create personalised wine gift for your bridesmaids and bestmen

Create and order personalised wine online in seconds

You might want to say thank you to your bridesmaids and bestmen for being your friends and supporting you during your wedding. You can create a different thank you bottle for each of them. We are sure, that this gift will surprise them, because it is not very common to receive a present from the newlywed couple on the day of the wedding. Wine suddenly turns into a thank you note. However, it is much better than a simple card, because wine can age and be opened to celebrate a nice dinner and will always create memories and happy moments.

Create and order personalised wine online

To conclude, we are very pleased to bring your wine to you and to enable you to create and order everything online. It has never been so simple to create your very own personal wine. If you have any questions regarding any product or need some help to choose wine for the wedding please feel free to contact us Start creating by exploring our selected wines.

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