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Planning wedding in London | Tips by Marina Ionina

Planning wedding in London | Tips by Marina Ionina

Today we are chatting with Marina Ionina who we have recently met. Marina is a wedding planner in our beloved London. She kindly agreed to share some of her tips for couples who are planning wedding in London. Marina has spent years primarily working with couples in the capital of UK, helping them to have a truly amazing wedding.

So let’s get to know Marina, her business better and hear her tips.

Tell us more about your business & how it’s is different from competition?

My company is built on a bedrock of love, passion and a commitment to produce wonderful stress-free weddings and events.

Through our services, we help to create weddings and celebrations that our clients truly enjoy. A day that is one of a kind, unique and brilliantly tailored.

When couples choose Weddings by Marina Ionina they are choosing my style, my own experience, and professionalism. Every planner is unique and it’s very important to find the one who represents your beliefs and style. Someone who probably become your friend after a year of planning.

Looking for a wedding planner in London

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve been in the wedding industry for five years and while I was the Wedding Manager at Hotel Cafe Royal my clients would always inspire me to go an extra mile for them delivering the best day of their lives. However, as a venue wedding planner, you can not be fully involved in each wedding. Therefore it was naturally the next step for me to set up my own company to be independent and provide full support to my couples.

Marina Ionina Wedding Planner in London

What are your 3 tips for brides & grooms to be to think about before starting to plan their wedding?


Budget is the most important topic you should discuss together. Some times it’s easier to create a list and price each item individually to find out total, then you can increase some of the lines or cut few things out.  

Guest list

Have a discussion together to understand if you would like a small wedding or not. That can help with the budget and of course, will define your venue search.

Wedding planner

Find a wedding planner who can help you arrange a realistic budget and lead you through the planning process.

Tips for planning wedding in London

Are there any specific in planning a wedding in London? What do couples need to be aware of if they want to celebrate their wedding day in this city?

There is a lot of information about differences in countryside and city weddings however little has been said about London events which affect weddings quite a lot. For example, Regent street gets closed for traffic for many events like Summer Streets, Pride etc. These events can cause restricted access to your wedding venue, you might not be able to travel to your ceremony venue or just be disturbed by noise.

I will advise to check online and ask the venue if they are aware of any planned events. Majority of them will be repeated yearly.

Planning wedding in London. Here are some tips for you

Is it trendy to have a wedding in London?

It is certainly trendy to have a wedding in London. You are spoilt for choice of the best venues in absolutely different styles, best wedding suppliers, planners and industry professionals.

What are the hottest London wedding venues? Is there a top 5?

There are so many venues in London and sometimes the best venue can simply be too small or too big for your numbers, so don’t go blindly just for a trend. Saying that there are of course timeless venues like Claridges, Kew Gardens, the Orangery at Kensington Palace. I also love Corinthia for large weddings and Hotel Cafe Royal for smaller celebrations, they are relatively young on the market, around 5 years.  

What do you like most about your job?

My favorite moment on the wedding day is when the couple walking out together after exchanging the wows. I’m usually the first person to greet them and I see the true emotions of happiness and love. It’s an incredible feeling, it is a privilege to be able to witness something so beautiful.  

Luxury wedding planning in London

Who would your ideal client be?

My ideal client would be a London based couple who would like to have full support while organizing a wedding. They will be busy working people wishing to create the best celebration in their lives.

What are your dreams, aspirations for business?

I would like to build a successful company not only for the clients but also for the employees. My aspiration is to create best work conditions and modern fun office for passionate event professionals.  

We know that used to work with primarily Russian clients? Is this still your focus audience?

My clients are Londoners and therefore multinational. I’m not targeting Russian market as a key audience, however being Russian my self I, of course, love to work with compatriots and have organized many Russian weddings.

Which geographical areas do you cover? Is it just London or do you travel?

My clients are usually London based however the celebration can be anywhere in the UK or abroad.

If you are planning wedding London and looking for an expert advise you can reach Marina Ioniana by phone +44 (0) 7526 015 925, email or via her instagram @weddings_by_marina_ionina .

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