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Wedding gifts that leave a long lasting memory

Wedding gift ideas from My Uniq Wines

Whenever someone invites to the wedding the first thing that we think about after we decided what to wear ourselves (laugh) is a gift for a couple. Very often a couple has helped us by preparing a list of presents that they need or has set up a website which allows them to collect honeymoon funds. However, the biggest problem with those lists is that they are not very personal, at least we think so. There is no personal connection between a gift receiver and a giver. Yes, it is what a couple asked for, but is there anything else that we can give them on their special day? What can we do to create a moment that is worth remembering?


Firstly let’s ask a question; what makes a truly memorable and unique gift? It should be something that:

  • surprises a gift receiver or creates a moment of happiness and excitement
  • shows that a person who is giving that present deeply knows and understands a person who is receiving the gift
  • is unique, not seen or heard anywhere else, or at least an unseen version of it


So how? Here are some ideas to surprise your newly-wed friends with a memorable gift (from 0 to 200 GBP)

A speech

A nice, well thought through and insightful speech at a wedding table is something that does not cost anything and can make couple’s day even better. Words are the gift that we all can give to our friends. Just check with your friends if they are happy for you to say a toast between any of the meals. They will for sure agree.

A few tips:

First, take it seriously 🙂 Everything you say is of double importance because it is a very special day for your newly married friends.

Make it personal; include memories of what you guys learned together, a joke or a story.

Ask yourself two questions

1. What three things in my speech will make a groom and a bride happy?

2. Can anything upset the couple?

& if you can answer number one and a ‘no’ to the second question then go for it.

Make it short, practice and do it.

A song

If there is a DJ or a band playing at your friends’ wedding you can request a song and dedicate it to them. Even if the party is in a  full swing they will definitely hear it:)

A case of personalised wine

Why not to give a case of 6 bottles personalised for your friends who are getting married? They can age the wine and have it every year on their wedding day anniversary. The marriage is like wine that is getting better and more pressures with time. Explore our wine cellar

Even if it wasn’t on their gift list, an extra gift, can touch a couple deeply. You and some other friends can all chip in for a case.

Explore wedding label gallery. Explore labels gallery

Please note that white wine does not usually age well compared to the red wine.  If you are thinking of giving something that is long-lasting better to look into red or port wines.

A pair of nice flats

For the bride off course. This a trick. If your best friend is getting married you know that she will probably wear high-heels. You also know that she will probably take care of flat shoes as well, however, she will probably forget to change to it. You can give a nice pair of flats to her in the evening (at a wedding party) when it’s time for flip-flops or even the day before, acknowledging the fact that she is making a  „big step“ in her life and showing that you are thinking of her comfort. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t wear it on the day. Girls love a pair of nice flats in general. She will be happy to keep it as a wearable memory for later.

Plant a tree

You can give an experience of planting a tree to your friends. It can also be a fruit tree. A tree has always had a meaning of strength, beauty, eternal life and well-being and this is probably what you wish to your friends on their wedding day. You can arrange this experience  with your local park authorities and surely the couple will be excited to do it. Although it seems such a simple thing to do, it’s very rewarding to see the tree growing once you planted it. If they have a garden, give them a fruit tree to grow. We would give a rare Portuguese grape tree just waiting for any of our friends to get married in a warmer climate zone than UK 🙂


This is also something super valuable and memorable. Most couples (brides especially) worry too much on the day by trying to make the day perfect. If you notice that friends are worried, or organising everything instead of enjoying the party ask if you can help. Distract them softly and overtake what they are doing (if you can) so they can relax.

You can actually ask before the wedding if there is any role that still need to fill in for the wedding ceremony. You might be of some help.

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