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Where to look for wedding ideas & inspirations | TOP UK bloggers

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

When we started developing the idea of My Uniq Wines shop, we digged deep into the UK wedding market. Not long ago I was completely new to everything wedding related. However, designing My Uniq Wines online tool, that enables you to create personalised wine labels for weddings, sparked a huge interest around the so-called ‘most special day’. I feel obliged to thank the huge wedding online community in the UK for inspiring our team to learn about weddings and deliver this unique product to the market.

To begin with, I was and still am mesmerized by the amount of quality wedding content creators in the UK. We selected a few that we would like to recommend to follow if you are looking for truly unique wedding ideas and inspiration.


Less white more colours, bespoke ideas, wedding with a twist – these would probably be the most accurate keywords to describe the feel you get when you deep dive into website. Two super creative bloggers (Emily and Jessica), who seriously know how to stand out, run this blog.  If you are a fan of colours, or at least would love to add a bright detail to your wedding browse their blog for amazing DIY ideas. They also provide you with templates that you can use to cut your paper decorations, free beautifully designed flower wrapping paper and other nice freebees 🙂 You will also love their inspiration & ideas page that really focuses on personalisation & uniqueness, those things that ultimately create memories.

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

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Instagram: @bespokebride

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Rustic, elegant, an absolute dessert for my eyes – these are the keywords to best express the lovely Kelly’s content at Not only does Kelly give us inspiration on most stylish yet rustic weddings, but also she has a wonderful directory list on her blog for suppliers that can actually make your wedding dreams come true. For example, if you love the taste of smoke and flame you can hire this young company that makes the most amazing wedding BBQs. My most favourite thing on boho-weddings website is the happiness project that includes a quote a day that will make you both laugh out loud & think. We love it.

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

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Instagram: @boho1

Facebook: @Bohoweddings

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Pure beauty, dresses and bridal clothing insights – these are the keywords to describe the blog. Annabel’s blog is the go to place if you are looking for the most focused wedding dress blog in the industry. Thanks to Annabel for seriously expanding my knowledge and understanding of the dress that means so much to a bride. If you have little time and want to gather all the industry’s insights about the dresses and get to see top bridal fashion examples Love My Dress should be your top choice.

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

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Alternative weddings, tattoos, true inspiration and very personal. These are the keywords to best describe the style and content of Rock n Roll bride blog.

If you are reading our blog post, you must be researching weddings. If you are researching wedding you probably know Kat (blogger behind Rock n Roll bride). I personally love her content because there is no one else in the industry who writes about and shares alternative wedding ideas and stories so consistently for over 10 years. Kat’s writing style is very unique. I love the dynamics behind her own personality. She keeps reinventing her content. For example one of the latest series Rock ‘n’ Renovation is where she shares her experiences about house renovations. Can’t wait to see the final result.

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

Photo take by Neil Thomas Douglas , photo borrowed from Rock ‘n’ Roll bride blog

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Festival themed, freedom, innovation, real people talking are the main keywords that best outline the content shared with us by Laura and Clare.

Key things that got my instant attention on the amazing Festival Brides blog is that Laura and Clare share experiences of real people. Couples that they feature in the blog did most of wedding organising (or at least part of it) themselves. All stories shared by them are fascinating and truly inspiring. Their stories made me realise that brides who have a strong vision can create the most unique day for themselves because they know what they want. As a result some of them had their very own private Glastonbury type of wedding. Go ahead, we hope you enjoy reading as much as we did.

Top UK wedding bloggers - My Uniq Wines recommendations

Image copyright Festival Brides

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Instagram: @festivalbrides

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To finish I must say that this selection is just a small fraction of a huge list of amazing wedding content creators in the UK. We hope to get a chance to interview these amazing bloggers very soon.  As a result we could share their best tips for brides and grooms, here on our blog.

If you are one of the unique brides who loves adding a personalised twist to your wedding and take a few tasks under your own control we are inviting you to explore our wedding wine label gallery. And here is the selection of wines that we brought fro Portugal. You can create your very own wine in minutes. Or you can send our tool to your wedding stationery designer and ask for matching labels that you can upload onto our tool. We will take care of the rest.

And f you are in the early stage of planning your wedding you might want to have a look at our 4 step guide . This short blog post gives you recommendations on how to choose wine and calculate the amounts for your wedding.

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